[Essie] Ruby Slippers

Today I’ve had a wisdom tooth extracted, rather unexpectedly. I was actually consulting the dentist because I was suffering from terrible toothache since Saturday, and he decided to pull put the tooth, which at first gave me a little shock. I think the last time when I had a tooth extracted was when I was about 12, so it’s been ages ago. But he’s a great dentist and thus I didn’t feel anything, no pain at all; I’m still a bit dizzy from anaesthesia but overall fine.

Moreover, my Les Jeans de Chanel have finally arrived so that later in the day, I’ll pick them up. 🙂

Here is Ruby Slippers by Essie, already a classic. Red and copper glitter in a red jelly base.

ruby slippers

The glitter is quite dense. Two coats.

ruby slippers

ruby slippers

ruby slippers


4 thoughts on “[Essie] Ruby Slippers

  1. Danke Euch! 🙂

    @Mila: Schön, dass Deine Les Jeans da sind; ich freue mich schon auf Swatches. Mir gefällt auch live Blue Boy am besten. Jedenfalls konnten mich auch die Schmerzmittel nicht abhalten, mich auf den abenteuerlichen Weg zum Zoll zu machen. 😉 Mir geht’s aber gut, die Wunde scheint auch prima zu verheilen.

    @karo: Freut mich, dass auch Dir die Farbe gefällt. Ruby Slippers lässt sich – im Vergleich zu anderen, richtig fiesen Glitterlacken – m. E. gut entfernen, weil die Glitterpartikel sehr klein sind. 🙂


  2. I like it!!! Ruby Slippers is fantastic colour! I have some red polishes with golden glitters. The last one I bought is Golden Wine (Avon), it is like this one but is a little darker. Well I love sparkly nail polishes and all tones from blood red to fuchsia and pinks. Have a nice day! 😉 xo


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