Something different.

9/11 anniversary is approaching and I’m not sure whether I should post a swatch (my current mani is Chanel Riva). Ten years already! On 11 September 2001, I was… on a plane back to Birmingham (UK), a second-year Business Studies & CompSci undergrad. It sounds so weird. I didn’t know what had happened and thus everything seemed quite normal around me. I cannot remember whether I took the metro or got a taxi to my flat but I guess that I went by metro because any taxi driver might have told me about the attacks. At home, I had a cup of tea, unpacked my things, put a CD on and finally switched on the computer to check my emails when I saw the news on my Freemail account’s webpage. I immediately switched on the radio (I didn’t have a TV at that time) – and called my parents, who had learnt about the attacks while I was still on my way to Birmingham.

That was how I experienced 9/11/2001. Even weirder, I did the same trip on 9/11/2002 again (coincidence).

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