[essence] Nail Art Magnetics (again)

Challenged by their new magnet (different shape), I tried four of their magnetic varnishes again. The old magnet did not work well, at least not for me; it was way too small, which was why I temporarily switched to a Mini Babybel magnet.

I usd two coats each and no top coat and I always tried only once to get the magnetic pattern.

Mystic Wish.

mystic wish

mystic wish

Miracle Shine. (See here for a swatch without magnetic pattern.)

miracle shine

miracle shine

These swatches are older; I made them in July, using the Mini Babybel magnet. You’ll recognise the difference. They are actually very bad. Seems that my skills regarding magnetic polishes have improved over the past few months…

Magic Wand.

magic wand

Pixie Dust.

pixie dust

Pixie Dust is still my favourite magnetic polish. I like the hint of pink in this shade. Although the Nail Art Magnetics initially came out for spring/summer, they look more like classic autumn shades with their overall metallic theme.


2 thoughts on “[essence] Nail Art Magnetics (again)

  1. Alle sehen voll schön aus 🙂
    Aber…the winner is : Mystic Wish!
    Das sieht echt grandios aus!
    Liebste Grüße & einen wunderschönen Samstag noch! 🙂
    Bei uns ist dunkel und sieht nach regen aus,ich glaub nicht,dass wir Heute 26 grad hier in HAJ(Flughafen Abkürzung von Hannover 😉 )bekommen 🙂


  2. Danke, liebe karo. Ha ha, auf Mystic Wish bin ich besonders stolz, weil der mir am besten gelungen ist. Magnetlacke strapazieren meine Geduld zu stark. 😉
    Ich wünsche Dir auch einen schönen Tag und ein wundervolles Rest-Wochenende, das schnell vergeht, damit Du Les Jeans bald in die Arme schließen kannst! 🙂


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