[Frankenpolish] The Significant Otherness & Turquoise Delight

Stupid names, I know… I’m quite into blue/turquoise shades these days and created two frankens. This is The Significant Otherness, a vibrant royal blue with a visible shimmer finish.



Here’s what I used – I just started mixing. There are: Mystic Mermaid, Pure Turquoise, Cobalt Blue and Gigantic.

tso ingredients

Two coats.


Bad lighting but it’s more colour authentic; this is how it actually looks like. 🙂


I did a second one, which is turquoise-based, so I called it Turquoise Delight (ha ha!). It’s, well, turquoise with holo glitter.



Ingredients: Pure Turquoise, Cyan Blue, Make Mine Lime (only one or two drops), Time For Reflection, Hello Holo and Out of My Mind. The first version of this, which I disposed of, turned out too greenish, but the second try was just what I wanted.


Three (thin) coats. Looks a bit like a turquoise version of Barielle’s Myrza’s Meadow. :mrgreen:



Hope you like them!


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