[Yves Saint Laurent] Jaune surréaliste (Surreal Yellow)

This is the second polish from YSL’s summer collection, Jaune surréaliste or just Surreal Yellow. For Utopian Turquoise, see this post.


As with Utopian Turquoise, this was so hard to find! Or not – after I had seen Utopian Turquoise in that small perfumery. But it took me one day to take a decision, and then it was my boyfriend who insisted on getting Surreal Yellow too. I did not know why I resisted at first; the colour is great, plain and simple. It’s amazing.



It’s actually a bit darker than Mimosa and more golden (Mimosa has a tad of white, in my opinion). Moreover, the shimmer is more intense (= less subtle) and it was opaque after two coats. Application was flawless, and I could wear it for three days without any chipping or tip wear.


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