[Yves Saint Laurent] Jaune surréaliste (Surreal Yellow)

This is the second polish from YSL’s summer collection, Jaune surréaliste or just Surreal Yellow. It’s actually asleep on the photo. zzz :mrgreen: For Utopian Turquoise, see this post.

surreal yellow

As with Utopian Turquoise, this was so hard to find! Or not – after I had seen Utopian Turquoise in that small perfumery. But it took me one day to take a decision, and then it was my boyfriend who insisted on getting Surreal Yellow too. I did not know why I resisted at first; the colour is great, plain and simple. It’s amazing.



It’s actually a bit darker than Mimosa and more golden (Mimosa has a tad of white, in my opinion). Moreover, the shimmer is more intense (= less subtle) and it was opaque after two coats. Application was flawless, and I could wear it for three days without any chipping or tip wear.


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