This is not about polishes.

Just a quick note to share good news – you might probably know German handbag label George Gina & Lucy (aka GGL); I’m into their bags since 2006 and own about 30 of them. I particularly love their Nylon range with its signature lock (a carabiner). From time to time, I post pictures of bags with matching nail polishes.

In a nutshell (only three minutes to go, so sorry for my messy writing, won’t be able to proofread now), my favourite GGL boutique – “Medusa” in Westerland on the North Sea island of Sylt – invited me to have a look at the upcoming collection 1/2012; they will be meeting a GGL sales representative this afternoon, and I’ll be there too! A dream comes true. 🙂 In fact, it was a kind of drawing (if I remember right); I applied just for fun because the event takes place here in Hamburg and I’ve got time anyway… and I won.

Unfortunately, I won’t be allowed to take photos but I will take notes, and they asked me to write a report about what they ordered etc too, so I’m just looking forward and hoping to have a wonderful day, which is already sunny and nice. 🙂 And I’m still wearing Blue Denim, I love it.


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