[Chanel] Graphite

Finally! Graphite in my collection; it wasn’t available in Germany until yesterday and I learnt from Mila’s beautiful blog that Illusions d’ombre de Chanel had arrived at least in Munich (nochmals vielen Dank für den Tipp, liebe Mila!). Having this in mind, I rushed to my favourite department store here in Hamburg and was lucky.


Actually I expected them to call which they didn’t, probably because they did not have any testers yet. Nevertheless, I got Graphite and Quartz (for Péridot, see here).

Graphite is gorgeous! I’m not that much into foil finishes and silver but I love glitters – and how good Graphite looks on me (two coats).



New picture! This was done today (12.08.) in direct sunlight, showing the beautiful sparkles of Graphite.


On Wednesday, we went again to visit the water woman but the weather wasn’t very nice, so a fall-themed colour like Graphite matches the cold and wet temperatures.


With the Vier Jahreszeiten hotel in the background (the one with the green roof) – I thought her knees were quite detatched from the rest of her body so that her proportions looked weird! On Tuesday, her head was even floating away and twisting, looking in the opposite direction. :mrgreen:



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