[Zoya] Reece

Reece is a shimmery pink with a gold-green iridescent finish. It’s lovely!


Three coats.



I’ve been enjoying the loveliest summer day so far, after it had been cloudy for ages, with sometimes heavy rainfalls. Temperature climbed to approx. 29° C today. There is a temporary installation in the Lake Binnenalster for ten days, an oversized styrofoam sculpture of a bathing woman, which I tried to take a photo of but she’s actually on the other side of the lake; so this is actually not very good as you just see her from behind. I will go over there on Thursday or Friday to catch a glimpse of her face!

Notice the two Mundsberg Towers in the background…


On the left, it’s the Kunsthalle (Gallery of Art).


I also went over to American Apparel for the first time because I had noticed a woman wearing one of their stretch dresses, and that’s why I got myself a “pillowcase” jersey dress in bright turquoise, and I’m going to put on Mimosa again, my personal favourite of the year.


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