[Essie] Spring Collection 2011

Ha ha, this is pretty late! I’ve been having those for a while and showed a swatch of Sand Tropez already, and it still reminds me of a baby version of Chanel Particulière.

Coat Azure, Topless and Barefoot, French Affair, Nice Is Nice (all from the Mini Cube), Kisses & Bises, Sand Tropez (which I bought separately).

essie spring 2011

Coat Azure. Blue with silvery shimmer and my favourite of this collection. Not really accurate, due to bad lighting; I took this photo in June.

coat azure

Topless and Barefoot. A pink nude; this one doesn’t go well with my skintone.

topless and barefoot

topless and barefoot

French Affair combines pink with a hint of lilac.

french affair

french affair

Nice Is Nice… it took me a while to figure out that this refers to the town Nice. :mrgreen: A beautiful lilac.

nice is nice

Kisses & Bises; I’ve got the perfect bag for this shade! It’s “Polly Pistol” by George Gina & Lucy (GGL), the colour is called “space suit”.

kisses & bises

kisses & bises

Kisses & Bises is actually a sheer pearly base with an iridescent pink shimmer. It’s ideal for layering but here it is on its own.

kisses & bises


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