[Dior] Les Rouges (Limited Edition): Trafalgar, Gruau and Icône

Ce sont “Les rouges” de Dior, une édition limitée avec les trois vernis Trafalgar, Gruau et Icône. 🙂

les rouges

les rouges

I indulged myself with these beautiful red polishes because I’ve been working really hard recently. PhD

les rouges

All swatches are two coats. Since these are reds, they would look better on longer nails (just my opinion). I had to file mine down and am not really happy with the current length… anyway, for a first impression, it’s good.

Trafalgar, a bright tomato red with a hint of orange. It’s a tad lighter than Chanel Fire.


Gruau (or Gruau G*); when I saw this in the bottle, it seemed rather unspectacular to me, just one of those reds, I thought. But actually it is a killer red and my personal star of the collection. It’s similar to Chanel Rouge Fatal but still very different. This shade is dedicated to the stunning illustrations of René Gruau.


Icône, previously my favourite. It’s still wonderful – it has a pretty shimmer finish – and very posh but on my nails, Gruau looked better.


les rouges


2 thoughts on “[Dior] Les Rouges (Limited Edition): Trafalgar, Gruau and Icône

    • Thank you! 🙂
      I had noticed that they were sold out on the website and got them directly from the Dior Boutique in Paris; they were already running out of supplies…


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