[OPI] Rally Pretty Pink and Red Shatter

After some disappointments of the p2 crackles (the tortoise-shell crackles 🙄 ), I was happy to try this Serena Williams Glam Slam duo, which was released in the context of this year’s French Open. It contains two polishes, Rally Pretty Pink and Red Shatter. I got this nice set from Kae. Thank you again! 🙂


Rally Pretty Pink is loaded with golden microglitter in a pink jelly base. It has kind of a foil finish and also looks a bit duochrome. Two coats.



Topped with Red Shatter. OPI does amazing shatters, I love how they crackle. Red Shatter is one of those killer reds.


The pattern looked nicer on the right hand.


So, shatters are back in my life, although some obviously non-polish wearing gals, I came accross to this afternoon, might associate them with dried potting soil (which sounds cute) or “shopwindow ladies” (referring to prostitutes; seems that those deprived nail polish hooligans are speaking from their own experience…). Anyway, I’m looking forward to China Glaze’s Metal Crackles, as well as to OPI Turquoise Shatter. Glad that my nail polish experiences haven’t been negative ones so far… thanks to my urbane, broad-minded and big-city environment, where people use their brains to communicate instead of making me stabby. (Dear Readers, Subscribers and fellow Lacquerheads: I’m not referring to anyone of you, and I’m actually a pleasant-natured person. But I came across some chavvy comments about shatters recently.)

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