[Chanel] Blue Satin

I’d been neglecting Blue Satin for a long time, but yesterday I could no longer resist when we were at Alsterhaus luxury department store, and my boyfriend fell for the dark blue immediately. Some convincing statements by the nice Chanel guy – and that was it. 🙂

blue satin

Although I love dark blue shades, I do not own many of them yet. I have got Eyeko Indigo, which is lighter than Blue Satin and sparkly. In the early 2000s, I fell for a dark blue by Nivea (I don’t remember its name); at a time when most polishes still were red-inspired, that one really made a difference. I was doing a summer intern with a large pharmaceutical company and thus in a quite conservative environment (Investor Relations), but probably they knew that I liked fashion, and they took my dark blue nails for granted. 😉 However, I guess that only with Blue Satin (which was released in spring 2008 as part of the Aurora Blues Accent Collection), dark shades became socially acceptable and were no longer associated only with Goth or Heavy Metal subcultures; although being a metalhead, I was pretty relieved.

While we are still overwhelmed by all those summery colours and many more summer-themed collections flooding the drugstores, I decided to highlight my nails with this classy dark blue. Blue Satin is a one-coater, but since I’m a complete failure when it comes to applying dark colours neatly, I needed two coats for an even look. This is, moreover, an all-Chanel manicure, with Base Protectrice as a base and Laque Brillance Extrème on top. Although it takes ages for the top coat to dry (sorry, Chanel!), I love it because of the gorgeous glossy finish.

blue satin

blue satin

Here’s another one that, thanks to the flash, brings out the blue. Reminds of “The Grudge”. 😉

blue satin

This is just a poser picture! :mrgreen:

blue satin

I’ll never get into trouble with my boyfriend about owning “too many” (they aren’t that many, anyway) polishes, because I can always refer to his CD collection (on the photo, it’s probably one third of it). 😉


2 thoughts on “[Chanel] Blue Satin

  1. And what would you do if I stopped collecting CDs? 🙂

    The two Chanel polishes we bought yesterday are fantastic – I love them.


    • # And what would you do if I stopped collecting CDs?

      Easy! Going on collecting polishes until I hit the 9,000s. :mrgreen: I’m still within the safety zone.


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