[MAC] Ice Cream Cake (updated 20 June 2012)

On a personal note: I’ve been quite busy these days and I know that I’m behind with posting – I did some other swatches and will blog them soon. I am currently writing up my PhD thesis, which is kind of a nightmare… Moreover, we had a guest, one of my best friends, with us for the weekend; I took loads of photos – since we did some nice outings – but accidentally deleted them before having them transferred to my laptop. 😦 So sad about these lost memories!)

But back to business. Here is my first experience with MAC nail polishes, Ice Cream Cake from this year’s Quite Cute Collection, pink with a touch of pastel and a crème finish.

ice cream cake

I must admit that I’m not that much into MAC polishes, since I do not really like the shape of their bottles and most colours just do not seem of interest to me. But as for Ice Cream Cake, I could no longer resist. It is not unique, but so girlish and princess-like and cute at the same time. Application turned out to be good; as for the first coat I had too much polish on the brush but afterwards it worked very well… this is two coats. Please excuse the bump on the middle finger; I was wearing a glitter polish before.

ice cream cake

Here’s the latest swatch, taken on 20 June 2012. This looks much nicer, also capturing the actual colour much better! Ice Cream Cake is indeed a lovely shade.

ice cream cake

ice cream cake

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