Franken Swatches

Two days ago, I introduced you to some amazing frankens by Kae. In the meantime, I swatched some of them.

Let’s start with Ember, which is also my current mani. On The Hungry Asian, it’s described as “Reddish orange superfine glitter with silver holographic hex glitter in a clear base”. It’s stunning and really reminds of ember. 🙂


Fancy Pants. As mentioned before, “pants” refer to briefs in Britain, so that name always makes me giggle. 😉 This one’s gorgeous too. (“Raspberry shimmer with red and lilac superfine glitter and flakies.”)

fancy pants

I love orange for the summer; it goes perfect with my tanned skin. This is Super Happy Funtime Nails, it has a hint of coral, as well as a beautiful golden shimmer.

super happy funtime nails

This is Bad Manner; it’s from the Charity set. I love purple polishes too, as you may know. 😉

bad manner

Another one from the Charities, Cookies & Cream. White with black glitter. Yummy!

cookies & cream

I must say that I love them all and could not pick a favourite. All of them are special. Their formulas are easy to apply and Ember dries super fast. I’m happy that I seized the opportunity and can’t wait to receive the second little package. 🙂

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