[Essence] Circus Confetti

Sheer jelly base loaded with multicolour round and hexagonal glitter chunks.

circus confetti

Finally, I managed a swatch. 🙂 This is Circus Confetti over Barry M Berry Ice Cream (I chose this colour randomly since I was swatching it anyway), which made a surprisingly nice combination. I’m not that much into pastels at present – not any more -, and the Confetti gives them a kick.

circus confetti and berry ice cream

These pictures were taken later, in September 2011. I used Circus Confetti for a jelly-based frankenpolish called Evaverse (named after my little one again).



Deborah Lippmann’s Happy Birthday came to my mind when hearing of Circus Confetti; that’s why I didn’t want to buy it at first. However, they are in fact different; Happy Birthday (right) contains bigger hexagon shaped glitters while Circus Confetti appears to be more colourful because of its loads of pink and purple glitter particles.

circus confetti and happy birthday

To be honest, I begin to like Circus Confetti more than Happy Birthday but I guess it depends on which shade you are going to combine them with.


One thought on “[Essence] Circus Confetti

  1. Hi i was wondering where i could buy the Essence Circus Confetti? could you please reply to my email!!! thankyou!

    – Amanda


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